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Sseko Spotlight: Jessica Rey



Jessica Rey was one of our beautiful models for Sseko’s latest collection. You may recognize her from her role on Power Rangers, or as the founder & CEO of Rey Swimwear! A self-described “mompreneur,” Jessica is such an inspiration as a woman who has gone after her dreams and continues to be an incredibly dedicated mother. We know you’ll love getting to know her a bit through this interview. 


Share a bit of your personal background…

I am a first generation Filipina American (although I took a DNA test recently that says I am Filipina, Hawaiian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, and Finnish!). My mom’s brother saved all of his money from the military to send her to NYC to be a nurse. My dad was drafted to the Vietnam war to fight for a country he had never even seen and thought he wouldn’t live to ever see (USA). He survived and came here to find my mom with $33 in his pocket.  My parents taught me to study hard, work harder, and love hardest.  I studied accounting, but randomly became a television actress (Power Ranger) and later founded my own company- Rey Swimwear.  I’m married to the best man I’ve ever known and am mommy to 3 littles that I homeschool.

We’re all about being brave here at Sseko, what’s something brave you’ve done in your life?

I am absolutely terrified of public speaking. Every single time I walk out onto a stage to talk, I am trembling and if someone asks me about it, I blame it on the air conditioning.  Funnily enough, it was a talk that I gave about the evolution of the swimsuit that catapulted my business to success.  And to think, I almost locked myself in the bathroom because I was so scared.

Being an entrepreneur and a full-time mom is no small task! How do you balance all of your different roles?

I think being an entrepreneur (vs. working for someone else) is helpful in itself because I can create my own schedule for the most part.  I can spend most of the day enjoying my kids (and schooling them) and then work at night when they’re sleeping if I want to.  My husband (who works a full-time job) is also super supportive and encouraging. I definitely got my energy from my mom, who was like the Energizer Bunny.

What’s your favorite aspect of running your own business, and where do you hope to see Rey Swimwear go in the future?

I enjoy that it’s something different every day.  I get bored rather easily and I love a challenge.  We’re doing several collaborations this coming Spring/Summer and it’s so much fun to work with other founders of brands that I admire and support.  I hope to continue expanding into other product lines (we went from just swimwear to now making skirts, dresses, and tops). Who knows what we’ll make next!

What was your favorite Sseko product from the photo shoot?

The Belt Bag, Eden Backpack, Kaftan in Tropical Palm, Brass Bar Stud Earrings. I want everything!

This collection is a celebration of paradox, what is something about yourself that seems like an unexpected paradox?

I’m a swimsuit designer that can’t draw, sew, or swim =)

What piece of advice do you have for other women?

If someone gives you a compliment, accept it and graciously say, “thank you!” I have such a hard time with this and it’s because I’m constantly battling my insecurities in my head. Normally when someone gives me a compliment, I will sarcastically say, “Thanks! I’m so awesome!” But I don’t mean it at all!  We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others and we not only need to stop, but we need to accept our uniqueness- the things we don’t like, we can try to make better and the things we do like, we can be grateful for.  We’re all made beautiful and need to own it!

Anything else you’d like to share?

I had SO much fun during the shoot!  When Liz asked me to model, I was kind of shocked and felt super insecure about it for some reason.  I’m really glad I said, “yes” because it was such a joy-filled day spent with wonderful women.  I fell on a cactus in the desert and didn’t even realize I was in pain until I got home hours later because I was having so much fun!  What a wonderful company to be able to represent!


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