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Give a gift that SAYS something...

How do you give a meaningful gift that doesn't seem like you just randomly grabbed it off of the shelf at the last minute because you felt "required" to give something?  

If you have read "The Five Love Languages", then you know that giving gifts is some people's way of showing they love you.  Let me start off by saying it is NOT my love language.  Giving gifts is always so stressful for me- especially on birthdays and Christmas because I want my loved ones to know I am giving them something because I thought of them when I saw it- not because I felt "required" to give a gift on that specific occasion. (My love language is quality time, so if anyone out there wants to give me something-- experiences are my let's go sky diving...just kidding- I have already done that and will never do it again).   If you are like me and find the holiday gifts guides that have been flooding your inboxes to be super helpful, I hope you can cross somebody off of your list with one of these awesome gifts.  Happy shopping!

For the gal who loves to read classics like Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, and Little Women:

Why not find a vintage copy of one of these classic novels and pair it with one of our new tees?  We are now using Krochet Kids' tees- ethically made in Peru and signed by each lovely lady who made it.  


For the gal who loves donuts and wants one that lasts forever:

These oversized donut roundies can be used as beach towels or blankies and are crazy soft for snuggling up in!  And really, who doesn't want a donut that lasts forever?


For the gal who needs some words of encouragement and positive vibes:

This book sits on my coffee table and every girl who picks it up, has a very hard time putting it down.  It doesn't matter if they are 12, 22, 32, 32, or 52 years old.  It is truly uplifting and encourages every gal appreciate her uniqueness, beauty, and self worth.

For the gal who loves to travel and bask in the sun:

If she's been eyeing one of our swimsuits, but hasn't bought one yet... get her a gift card.  I know, I know... gift cards always seem like that last minute gift you got at the checkout stand, but why not pair it with some sunglasses or a travel guide to her favorite beach destination to make it more personal?

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