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7 Gifts Mom will Love

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and I told my husband I was going to write a gift guide-- he jokingly (but seriously) asked if I could write one for myself because, according to him, I am impossible to buy gifts for. Not true! I would love any of these gifts (too bad for my husband, I already have most of them, so this guide is not for me) and I'm hoping this helps someone find a gift for that "impossible" to gift mom. 

1. Wooden Silhouettes

Last year, my husband made these wooden silhouettes of our children. I had been searching for something to hang above our bed for the longest time and nothing ever seemed quite right. When he gave these to me last year, I knew they were exactly what I had been looking for. They're just perfect! You may not have time (or the proper tools) to make them yourself, but you can buy similar custom silhouettes here. 


2. Photoshoot 

I don't know about your mom, but this mom (me) is always the person behind the camera-- sometimes I look back through albums and realize I am hardly ever in family photos, except at Christmastime when it's time to take our annual Christmas card shot. A family photo session is such a perfect gift. Find a local photographer or, if you're in Southern California, schedule a session with our favorite-- Dana Grant. 

Right now, Dana is offering mommy and me sessions on May 5 and May 11 (30 minutes, 10 files, 2 outfits for $225). You can also gift a session to be scheduled at a future date-- contact her for details

3. Photo Album

Speaking of looking through photo albums... I meant digital albums, because what mom has the time to create printed albums?!? I would LOVE it if someone would take the time to put together a family album, get it printed, and give it to me as a gift.  It doesn't have to be fancy-- just a book that I can pull off of a shelf and sit on the sofa and remember times past. 


4. Family Illustration

What if your mom isn't into photos? I just received a hand painted illustration of my family that is so darling. The artist also happens to be my friend, Kiersten, who is insanely talented (and I'm not just saying that because she's my friend). I emailed her a photo of my family and she turned it into such a cute painting for us to hang on the wall. She can work with any photos (doesn't have to be a group shot) and can change your clothes or give you amazing hair like she did to me (I mean, look at that volume). A 9X12 painting is $100 for up to four family members (you can ask her about prices to add more family members) and all of the proceeds go to her adoption fund. Contact Kiersten via Instagram

5. Weighted Blanket

My favorite time of the day is CUDDLE time with my kids. Every morning, they wake up and sleepily climb into bed with me and sometimes I wish I could just stay there all day long. When we read books in the evening, we all love being snuggled up together on the sofa under a blanket. If you've never tried a weighted blanket-- I highly recommend one of these! I have a very hard time calming my mind at night, so I usually toss and turn thinking about everything I didn't get done and everything that needs to get done the next day. It takes me forever to fall asleep and, as a mom, I need ALL of the sleep I can get for the busy day ahead. A Sheltered Co blanket helps to calm my mind, so I can get a restful night's sleep. These are so much better than other weighted blankets I've seen because they don't make you super hot. BONUS: The blankets are handmade by moms and made out of deadstock, upcycled, and recycled fabrics (and wow they are gorgeous).



6. Power Duo Skincare

Ever since I discovered this night/morning skincare routine, I feel like I don't always look so tired anymore. And let's be honest-- I'm a homeschooling mom of 3 who runs a business, so I actually am tired all of the time. It just feels good to not look like it. If your mom could use an easy beauty routine to look and feel fresh, this combo would be a wonderful gift. 

Overnight resurfacing peel + Nourishing cream exfoliator

(Don't be scared of the word "peel"-- it's super gentle while still helping skin to look super smooth and amazing)


7. A few of her favorite things.

Instead of trying to think of one "big" gift idea, how about putting together a basket of a few of her favorite things? My kids did this for me last year and I just loved how much thought went into it-- the basket included my favorite chocolate, a bag of tea from the local farmer's market, Eucalyptus essential oil, and chapstick (which everyone in my family knows I cannot leave the house without) amongst other little things that they know I love. 


Whatever you end up giving to your mom, make sure you also tell her just how much you love and appreciate her. It's been almost 11 years now since my mom has passed and I wish I could tell her just one last time how much I appreciate all of the sacrifices she made for me and my siblings. Savor all of the precious time with your mom while you can!



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