Don't worry about a thing!

February 05, 2017

Swimsuit shopping can be dreadful.  Standing on a cold dressing room floor staring at myself under unflattering fluorescent lights was NEVER a fun experience for me.  The alternative (shopping online) can be equally as scary- how are you supposed to know if the color will look good on you or if it will fit if you can't try it on first?
Two tips:
1. Take our body type quiz to find out which styles will look best on you.
2. Make sure you measure yourself and use our size chart.
If you are still unsure after that, feel free to email our for further assistance!
The best thing about buying a swimsuit online is that you can try it on in the comfort of your own home!  And don't just take my word for it- read some reviews from ladies who were hesitant, just like you, but glad they took the plunge!

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