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3 ways to protect against EMFs

3 ways to protect against EMFs

Did you hear that France has banned the sales of iPhone 12 for emitting too much EMF? The ANFR told Apple to resolve the issue or they must recall every iPhone 12 sold in the country 😱

We are surrounded by EMFs-- they are found wherever there is electricity, but some devices create more EMFs than others. If you have smart meters, computers, wireless routers, cell phones, microwaves, headphones and anything with bluetooth, there is EMF. There is debate as to whether or not EMF exposure is dangerous or increases your risk in cancer. If you search the topic online, you will see studies that say "yes" and those that say "no." Interestingly, the WHO has classified cell phone usage as a possibly carcinogenic to humans 😳  There is so much information out there and I am not entirely sure what to believe, but I have chosen to err on the side of caution. I am not going to wait for another study to prove that whatever device I'm using has been emitting too much EMF for the past however many years. And as a mom, I want to protect my kids from anything that could possibly harm them, within my means.

After doing tons of research on protection devices, I chose to use AiresTech LifeTune. Rather than blocking EMFs, AiresTech uses proprietary technology to transform the potentially harmful waves into biologically friendly waves. 

This is how we use their devices:

LifeTune Zone Max

The Zone Max covers 500 square feet of space. Instead of mounting them to the wall, we keep them in the bedrooms when we sleep and put them in the common spaces during the day. My husband and I also have one in our office- when my husband goes to work, he brings his Zone Max with him. I love that they also work in the car-- we take a couple on road trips and then put them in our hotel room/vacation rental when we are away. 

LifeTune Go

The Go covers about 12 square feet of space. I put them on a carabiner for my kids when they go places like dance class or robotics club. 

LifeTune One

The One covers about 6 square feet of space. I stick mine to my laptop and the family iPad. I would use one on my cell phone if I didn't already have an RF Safe case on it. If we had a tv or still used baby monitors, I would definitely stick one to those as well.

EMF exposure has been said to cause many health issues-- I believe it may have been the source of a heart issue I was dealing with 5 years ago, which appeared at the same time a tower went up very close my house. No doctors could figure out what was wrong with my heart, but after moving out of that house, the issues suddenly disappeared. Now that we're starting off in a new house with a clean slate, I feel better knowing that LifeTune devices are providing protection to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation to myself and my family.

Shop AiresTech LifeTune here for 25% off with code: JESSICA25

Besides using LifeTune, we also take these measures:

  • Instead of using WiFi at home, we hardwired our house and use ethernet cords to access the internet. Yes, there are unsightly cords everywhere- we just put them away when guests come over. If you cannot hardwire your house, at least turn off the WiFi router at night when you're not using it. I suggest putting it on a timer for ease.
  • We moved our beds at least one foot away from the walls. There are high levels of EMFs in the walls of your house because that's where all of the electrical wiring is. We can at least avoid this while we are sleeping.
  • We turn all of our computers and phones off at night or put them in a faraday bag. Also, never put your laptop on your lap or your cellphone in your pocket (or in your bra, ladies!). My husband won't carry a "man bag" 😂 so he puts his phone in a faraday bag in his pocket. 

 If you have questions, feel free to comment below!

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